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Video Global markets Europe lower on profit taking

Video on CNBC's Carolin Roth reports on all the market moving events from Europe, as investors worry about further conflict in Syria a...

Chemical weapons used in Syria

Bio-terrorism expert Leonard Cole talks about the lasting effect chemical weapons will have on Syria.

On Syria Obama could face impeachment

Sen. John McCain says President Obama "bungled" the handling of the Syria crisis and issued a stern warning.

Politics and Syria

Americans are giving Congress an earful on Syria. Our panel looks at how public backlash could affect the vote.

Celebs weigh in on Syria

It seems everyone is talking about Syria, even celebrities! Nadia Bilchik joined Christi Paul to talk about it.

Exclusive Classified Syria video released

Disturbing video from Syria is shown by the Obama administration to US senators in an effort to justify military action.

Video What a 039no039 vote on Syria means for Obama

Video on If President Obama gets a "no" vote from Congress in regards to military action in Syria, what might this hurt his agend...

Fareed039s Take Obama039s Syria policy

Fareed Zakaria explains why it will be a challenge for Obama to take the right approach in Syria.

Video Syria overshadows G20 meeting

Video on CNBC's Steve Sedgewick reports Syria issues dominated meetings at the G-20 Summit, though there was talk on economics; and Th...

Americans give Congress earful on Syria

As lawmakers weigh a military strike in Syria, voters back home are sounding off. CNN's Dana Bash reports.