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ISIS leader called the new bin Laden

It has taken over large swaths of Iraq in just a few days. Anderson Cooper looks at the group behind the violence.

Lakhdar Brahimi I resigned in protest

Christiane Amanpour interviews former Special Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi about Syria, his resignation and Assad.

Fighting rages across Syria Video Reuterscom

June 7 - Amateur video out of Syria appears to show fighting raging across the country days after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad won reelection. Deb...

Stocks sluggish despite signs of recovery Video Reuterscom

June 3-Strong auto sales failed to drive U.S. markets higher; the food fight over Hillshire Brands heats up; Quicksilver wipes out; Google Glass goes ...

Can wartorn Syria hold fair election

Like Syria itself, opinions about the country's presidential election are deeply divided. CNN's Fred Pleitgen reports.

US citizen was suicide bomber in Syria State Department Video Reutersco

May 30 - The U.S. State Department on Friday confirms that an American citizen carried out a suicide bombing in Syria. Rough cut (no reporter narratio...

Kerry defends diplomacy in Syria

Secretary of State John Kerry defends the U.S. foreign policy in Syria.

Syria reflections Homs in ruins

CNN's Frederick Pleitgen having seen much of the war from inside Syria offers his perspective on all that Homs has lost.

LiveLeakcom Syria SAA technical hit by ATGM

Syria - SAA technical hit by ATGM

International Syria mediator Lakhdar Brahimi resigns Video Reuterscom

May 13 - As the war in Syria rages on, frustrated mediator Lakhdar Brahimi steps down from his post. Jillian Kitchener reports.