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Syrian FM 039There is no civil war039

In a speech at the United Nations General Assembly, the Syrian FM denied the violence in his country was a civil war.

Syrian refugees seek sanctuary in Egypt

The Syrian crisis is spilling across borders. According to the U.N., more than 2 million refugees have fled the fighting

Syria Execution photo raises questions

A graphic photo published in the New York Times allegedly shows Syrian rebels executing captured Syrian soldiers.

Syrian activist speaks out against airstrikes

Some Syrian opposition activists strongly opposes any possible airstrikes. Mohammed Jamjoom reports.

Syrian rebels film execution

The "New York Times" obtains video shot by a Syrian rebel showing the brutal execution of seven Syrian army soldiers.

Syrian opposition This isn039t Iraq again

Hala Gorani speaks with a representative of the Syrian opposition about why their situation is different than Iraq.

Cyprus weighs in on the Syrian crisis

Becky Anderson speaks with Nic Robertson from Cyprus. He interviews Cypriot Foreign Minister on the Syrian situation.

Huge Explosion At Syrian Weapons Depot In Homs Video

A massive fireball emerges from an explosion that left a reported 40 dead, and 100 wounded in this West Syrian city.

LiveLeakcom Syrian Sunni Arab freedom fighters destroy an assad regime Mi8 h

Syrian citizens bring the besieged Meng air-field under fire again with a variety of improvised, and captured weapons.

Video Very Sad Syrian Child Cries As He Speaks His Heart

A Syrian child