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How did survivors react to Tsarnaev death sentence

There was silence, and there was stoic reactions in the courtroom, reports Deborah Feyerick.

reality stars dish on their favorite villain show they039d join at the reali

toofab's candice brock chats with some of reality tv's famous faces as they reveal their favorite reality tv villain and the show they'...

Kept It Real TV Host Slams Audience For Laughing At Male Domestic Violence Vict

TV host Jeremy Kyle was forced to step in and ask his audience to refrain from laughing as a male domestic violence victim recalled how he had been fo...

Maradona FIFA run like a quotmafiaquot

CNN's Becky Anderson sits down with football legend Diego Maradona to get his views on FIFA and the race to unseat Sepp Blatter.

Officials focus on engineer in deadly Amtrak crash

He was going 106 miles per hour, more than twice the limit, before the derailment.

Cops take down hammerwielding suspect

CNN's Susan Candiotti shares the bizarre story of a partially masked assailant who is shot by police while attempting to attack an officer with a...

EMT Passenger found hanging from ceiling

Temple University EMTs tell CNN's Brooke Baldwin what they encountered in chaotic minutes after the Amtrak train derailment in Philadelphia. ...

People Barking Like Dogs in Movies and TV Supercut

A compilation of movies and TV shows in which people start barking like a dog. The clips shown, in order: Twin Peaks, Ordinary People, Shallow Hal,...

Will there be a household name in weed

The wholesale market for marijuana is heating up. "High Profits" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Chris Gethard Confronts His Internet Tormentor

Chris is an actor who once starred in a TV show. Travis is a guy from St. Louis who DOES NOT LIKE Chris's performance in said TV show. Chris read...