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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Drop Test

Samsung makes and sells hundreds of millions of smart devices every year, and part of its efforts to make sure consumers can have peace of mind using ...

Unboxing and test of Component AV Cable for Sony PSP GO in 3D 4K UHD

collected by 2 users

Unboxing and test of purchased from eBay gold plated Component AV Cable for Sony PSP GO in 3D. The cable was tested on LG M228WA TFT display with the ...

LiveLeakcom Concrete Bridge Railings CRASH TEST STUDY

Concrete Bridge Railings CRASH TEST STUDY

Getting shot with a FAMAS

I had to know what it felt like before I can shoot anyone with it... my reaction was... like it hurt but didn't... just a wee bit of a sting. By ...

Flite Test Google Project Wing Amazon Prime Air

With so much talk about Google's Project Wing and Amazon's Prime Air we thought we'd try our our own delivery system! More details and ...

Unboxing and test of Logitech k400 Wireless Touch Keyboard in 3D 4K UHD

collected by 3 users

Unboxing and test of black Logitech k400r Wireless Touch Keyboard in 3D. The keyboard and mouse pad were tested on Dell Latitude E5430 with Windows 7 ...

Indy 500 for Arcade Sega Model 2 gameplay on Highland Raceway track in 3D 4K UHD

Gameplay of the arcade game for Sega Model 2 hardware - Indy 500 on Highland Raceway track. If you don't have equipment for watching 3D videos.....

Raw Texas DA039s 2013 field sobriety test

Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg says, "I can't do that" when asked to perform a sobriety test in 2013.

Essilor Mr Orange 3D Movie English in HD

Essilor features. Better performance. Better efficiency. Better comfort. Better connectivity. Mr Orange, a concentrate of energies to raise standards....

Sony HDRTD30VE 3D 4K UHD Outdoors test in Bucharest Romania Part 2 of 2

Second part of the camcorder test focused mostly on zooming and panning. Outdoors test of Sony Handycam HDR-TD30 VE digital camcorder recorded in urba...