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Unboxing of Duracell 9V 6LF22 MN1604 battery in 3D 4K UHD

Unboxing and test of 9 Volt Duracell 6LF22 MN1604 alkaline battery. The battery was tested on Opti Scan device from Lumus that shows visibility and Ul...

400000 in Ohio await water test results Video Reuterscom

Nearly half a million people in Toledo, Ohio await test results after high toxin levels were detected in the water supply making it unsafe to drink. R...

Motorola XT1032 Moto G Outdoors Rear camera test

collected by 2 users

Test of the rear camera of brand new Motorola XT1032 Moto G mobile phone. The test was performed outdoors in a rainy day in August. Raw file is 117 MB...

Otokar Sultan Mega Test Drive in 3D 4K UHD

Test drive of Otokar Sultan Mega bus in 3D 4K. The bus has manual transmission - 6 gear + reverse. The bus was presented at Truck Show, Lesnovo, Bu.....

KORG PA 50 synth performing 16 Bit Analog 2 music in 3D 4K UHD

The professional music arranger KORG Pa50 performing 16 Bit Analog 2 music, with one of the built-in styles. Full review of the music instrument is av...

Test match held at Sao Paulo stadium

CNN's Shasta Darlington reports from the first test match at the still-unfinished World Cup stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

N Korea may be readying for nuke test

South Korea said it has detected increased activity at North Korea's main nuclear test site. Andrew Salmon has more.

Experimental rover tested in the Mars Yard

Airbus Defence and Space test an experimental rover tested in the Mars Yard. This video has no audio.

Pepsi MAX amp Jeff Gordon Present quotTest Drive 2quot

collected by 8 users

Racing champion Jeff Gordon teams up with Pepsi MAX to pull a prank on an unsuspecting automotive journalist who had questioned the authenticity of th...

Stem of Cotton seen under Bresser Microscope in Full HD

Stem of Cotton X.S. preparation seen under microscope. The Stem was part of the kit included with the Bresser microscope, bundled with it. It is color...