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Victims Confront ISIS Terrorists

The show is called "In the Grip of Justiceā€, the host Ahmed Hassan allows people including victims to interrogate terrorists from ISIS

Sydney mourns cafe siege victims

People of Sydney come to pay their respects to the victims of the cafe siege. CNN's Andrew Stevens reports.

Remembering the victims killed in Sydney

The two victims of the Sydney hostage crisis were identified as Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson. Anna Coren reports.

Rolling Stone The magazine is to blame

Rolling Stone apologizes for its rape article and says the magazine - not the victim - is to blame. Sara Ganim reports.

Sierra Leone steps up safe burials for Ebola victims Video Reuterscom

Special teams collect and bury victims suspected to have died from Ebola, as the government steps up efforts to contain the deadly disease. Yiming Woo...

School shooting claims 2nd victim

Gia Soriano has become the second victim to die in the Washington high school shooting on Friday. Affiliate KING reports.

Hospital Victims in critical condition

A Seattle hospital says that the two victims of the school shooting in Washington are still in critical condition.

Source Victim ID039d as Nathan Cirillo

A source tells CNN's Paula Newton that the victim of the Ottawa shooting is Canadian soldier Nathan Cirillo.

Mother of Indiana victim tells her story

Mother of Indiana victim Afrikka Hardy talks to CNN's Don Lemon about her daughter and the man suspected of killing her.

LiveLeakcom Murderous Motorcyclist

Footage has emerged out of Brazil, where a motorcyclist has approached his target, and fired multiple shots. To be sure his victim was finished off, ...