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How To Deal With Haters

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Hamas sticks to demand embargo on Gaza be lifted Video Reuterscom

Jul.24 - A truce between Palestinians and Israelis appears no closer despise extensive diplomatic efforts. Sarah Toms reports.

Rahul Gandhi great leader who never hesitates to fight for people039s issu

When there are leaders who are busy to spread only 'I-me-my' propaganda, Congress can feel proud that they have a leader in Rahul Gandhi, th...

Not Handsome CollegeHumor Video

Love is blind. Also a bitch. Watch

Mike Tyson and Dana White Part 1 VICE United States

Jim sits down with the boxing legend and the UFC president for a discussion that could never happen on a traditional talk show.

Resourceful Guy Acts Out 2Character Sketch Using Photo Booth CollegeHumor Vid

Yeah, you could have made this fascinately strange conversation between a potion seller and a knight, but you didn't. So shut up, and give me you...

Breakingviews Apple039s coiled spring Video Reuterscom

Richard Beales and Robert Cyran discuss Apple's so-so quarterly earnings, its prodigious cash flow, and the prospects for new gadgets.

Drunk Man on a Trampoline CollegeHumor Video

I'll see myself out, there I go. Watch