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CNN Student News 13013

President Obama weighs in on immigration reform, a Syrian teenager talks about the personal impact of war, and this year's Super Bowl is a family...

Hear Clinton039s response to 2016 question

Outgoing Secretary of State Clinton gives an exit interview to CNN and talks about whether she'll run for president.

Slain Syrians pulled from river

Dozens of bodies were found in a river flowing through Aleppo, Syria. CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reports.

Newtown victim039s dad heckled at hearing

A Connecticut gun control hearing reveals the sharp, emotional divide in public opinion as parents of victims open up.

Clinton We practiced different diplomacy

Hillary Clinton talks to CNN about her legacy as secretary of state as she steps down from her position.

ECOWAS Comm Pres Troops need training

Becky Anderson talks to ECOWAS Pres. Kadré Désiré Ouedraogo about Mali and the threat troubles there pose to the world.

Clinton on warnings about Libya

In an interview with CNN's Jill Dougherty & Elise Labott, Hillary Clinton says the Libya threats were evaluated as being "managable.&quo...

Suspected Islamists attacked in Mali

In Gao, Mali, suspected Islamist extremists are beaten and handed over to the military. ITN's Lindsey Hilsum reports.

Building a safer football helmet

CNN's Poppy Harlow speaks with Dr. Vin Ferrara about the work being done to make football safer through helmet technology.

Crunchyroll Watch Senyu Episode 3 The Hero Regrets

Watch Senyu Episode 3 now!