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walmart oil change coupons

Looking for a way to get better deals on Walmart automotive services? Visit Tire Coupons Now today and find coupons that will lower the already low pr...

WALMART ON FIRE : Customer Lights the Entire Walmart Fireworks Display VIDEO

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WALMART ON FIRE : Customer Lights the Entire Walmart Fireworks Display (VIDEO) newhiphopfirst: Damn someone lit up the fireworks aisle on fire at #W...

Walmart Expands TwoDay Delivery Crunch Report

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Walmart expands two-day delivery, Android N gets a full name, Olympics go virtual, Kleiner Perkins raises $1.4 billion, and Hasbro announces new Furby...

Will a Walmart Huffy survive a Downhill Mountain Bike Trail Skills with Phil

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Walmart mountain bikes are not made for downhill MTB trails. Curiosity got the best of me so picked up a Huffy Carnage at my local Walmart. Will a Wal...

LiveLeakcom Attention Walmart Shoppers Predator On Isle 9

Oklahoma City, OK - This is video of a purse snatching at the Belle Isle Walmart. As you can see, the suspect spied the purse before making his move....

When You light the Fireworks Stand In Walmart

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Fuck Walmart


Today I made three of my favorite summertime treats! I hope you enjoy them. Thank you to Walmart for collaborating and sponsoring this video. Locally...

Hostages Trapped Inside Walmart Insisting They Never Shop At Walmart

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A gunman at a Dearborn, MI Walmart is holding dozens of shoppers who say they only happened to be at the tacky megachain by coincidence.

Mr Willie BAM WalMart greeter remix

A remix of Mr. Willie, legendary Arkansas Wal-Mart greeter! Original video: MP3: http://melodysheep.ban...

Kodiak Alaska Welcomes Pitbull

The Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska received the most Facebook likes, so Walmart and Sheets sent him there. Watch what happens as he is welcomed by over 1,...