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Video Tale of 2 consumers

Video on CNBC's Sara Eisen gauges the state of the retail environment. The

Video Must counter ISIS militarily Taylor

Video on Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, William Taylor, weighs in on U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron's statements about the thre...

Video Shutdown saberrattling on Capitol Hill

Video on Politico's Ben White discusses the geopolitical problems weighing on President Obama, including coming up with a strategy on ...

Video Market catching up with fundamentals Pro

Video on The story is getting better, not worse, says James Swanson, MFS Investment Management, sharing his thoughts on the market outlook....

Video Mellow protesters at Jackson Hole

Video on CNBC's Steve Liesman says there is about 10-15 protesters at Jackson Hole for the first time. They are here to argue the Fed ...

Video Impetuous Putin strategy unknown Taylor

Video on Former US Ambassador to Ukraine, William Taylor, weighs in on what Ukraine is calling a

Video Investor optimism near historical range Survey

Video on Charles Rotblut, American Association of Individual Investors, and Rich Steinberg, Steinberg Global Asset Management CEO, weigh in...

Video Cramer039s stocks to watch HPQ amp FDO

Video on CNBC's Jim Cramer explains why he is watching shares of Hewlett-Packard and what he hopes to hear from Meg Whitman. Also Cram...

Video Tale of two farmers

Video on Jerry Gulke, Gulke Group, and Bob McCan, National Cattlemen's Beef Association, weigh in on how beef and corn prices are impa...

Video Google Who cashed in since IPO

Video on CNBC's Robert Frank reports Google has created over 1,000 millionaires since its IPO 10 years ago.