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Debt Talks Collapse Boehner Calls Off Talks

President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner tried for weeks to hatch a deficit-cutting deal that would fix the U.S.'s budget problems. ...

Daley Obama says yes to twopart plan no short term vote

Bob Schieffer spoke with White House Chief of Staff William Daley on if President Obama would agree to a two-part plan to raise the debt ceiling and r...

The leader his driver and the driver039s wife Part 1

The Leader, His Driver and the Driver's Wife is a feature-length documentary film about apartheid in South Africa, particularly Eugène Terre...

Hulu White Collar The Dentist of Detroit Watch the full episode now

Video description: When a mobster from Mozzie

Cenk Uyger Opens Up About Leaving MSNBC

Cenk Uygur, host of "The Young Turks," opens up to Keith about his MSNBC departure. Tune in Weeknights at 8:00/7:00c on Current TV

Worst Persons West Palin and Wynn

Find out why Congressman Allen West is WORSE, Sarah Palin is WORSER, and casino boss (as well as amateur economist) Steve Wynn is the WORST PERSON IN ...

Ruby Bridges visits with the President and her portrait

Ruby Bridges visited the White House to see how a painting commemorating her personal and historic milestone looks hanging on the wall outside of the ...

Does the White House call networks

Glenn says they called FOX

Great White Shark

Great white sharks leap out of the water in pursuit of their favorite food - seals. See all National Geographic videos: http://video.nationalgeogr...

Linda Hamilton invites Ray Lewis to Marine Corps Ball

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I'm no Betty White, but...