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Ibn Sharif Shakoor I Used To Wish I Was White User Submitted New Video

When I was 5 years old, I remember wishing that I was either Caucasian or even just a lighter complexion than that of my own brown skin. I used to wat...

Girl Kidnapped Prank

We kidnapped my sister for her 18th birthday. We ziptied her hands blew an airhorn and dragged her out of her bed at 1am and took her to denny's ...

Crazy Man Armed With A Machete amp Molotov Cocktails Attacks TSA Agents In Ne

Richard White, 62, of Kenner is alleged to have approached a security checkpoint, spraying agents and travelers with wasp killer before drawing a mach...

Video White House New fracking standards

Video on The White House has unveiled new fracking standards, reports CNBC's John Harwood.

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Video CNBC update Northern Lights head south

Video on The White House will evaluate its Middle East peace approach, and a large solar storm triggered the Northern Lights, reports CNBC&...

Vince039s White Cells Pancake Crimp The Mighty Boosh BBC

Vince's white blood cells can't remember his best friend Howard, so he reminds them of their long standing friendship with a Pancake Crimp. ...

White College Student Had Daddy Issues SUPERZOOI

Watch White College Student Had Daddy Issues. Your cosy WTF site! Daily new WTF videos that will blow your mind.

Video MUST SEE Riding the White Line On A Bike ILPvideocom

Rider Michal Kollbek ridding the White Line in Sedona, AZ. Filmed by Marshall Mullen

Watch Black amp White The Dawn of Justice 2014 online free Watch Movies

Watch Black & White: The Dawn of Justice (2014) Online