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Did health costs lead man to kill his wife

A man told police he killed his wife because she was in poor health and they could no longer afford the medications needed for her care, according to ...

Doctors perform first US penis transplant

A cancer patient received the first penis transplant in the United States. CNN affiliate WCVB reports.

Teacher arrested after viral video

A Texas teacher was arrested and charged with assault after a viral video surfaced showing her hitting a student. CNN affiliate KFDM reports.

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CNN Student News 082416

The potential battle for the Iraqi city of Mosul, the process of naming tropical storms, and the status of a large wildfire are all featured this Wedn...

CNN Special Report: Almost President: The Agony of Defeat

Join CNN's Gloria Borger for the political story you haven't heard about the most spectacular public failure in American life. "CNN Spe...

CNN Student News 082316

A U.S. judge blocks Obama administration rules concerning transgender students and public school bathrooms, and a trip to Tokyo previews the 2020 Olym...

CNN Student News 082216

Violence and political turmoil impact Turkey, the Zika virus spreads in Miami, and we look at what happens to Olympic venues after the events wrap up....

Central India hit with devastating flood

Heavy rainfall in India's Uttar Pradesh state could produce more flooding along the Ganges River, as CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam reports. ...

What does it take to medal at the Olympics

Olympic medalists sit down with CNN to spill their secrets for success, ranging from longtime superstitions to bizarre breakfasts.

CDC: Pregnant women should avoid travel to MiamiDade County

"The risk (of contracting Zika) is still low, but the result is catastrophic," CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden tells CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupt...

CNN goes inside Philippines039 overcrowded jails

CNN's Ivan Watson visits a Philippines jail that is overflowing with men arrested in President Duterte's new War on Drugs.

Louisiana flooding: What039s next

CNN's Chad Myers says, "This is a very lumbering, slow, slow flood. It's going to be with us still for many, many days."

CNN Student News 081916

Today, we're reporting on California's dangerous wildfires, Brazil's dispute of a claim by four U.S. swimmers, and the work of rangers ...