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Did health costs lead man to kill his wife

A man told police he killed his wife because she was in poor health and they could no longer afford the medications needed for her care, according to ...

Doctors perform first US penis transplant

A cancer patient received the first penis transplant in the United States. CNN affiliate WCVB reports.

Teacher arrested after viral video

A Texas teacher was arrested and charged with assault after a viral video surfaced showing her hitting a student. CNN affiliate KFDM reports.

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CNN Special Report: Got Shorty: Inside the Search for El Chapo

CNN's Chris Cuomo takes you inside the hideouts of the notorious drug lord, El Chapo. "CNN Special Report: Got Shorty: Inside the Chase for ...

CNN African Voices: Feeling the Beat Trailer

From house and jazz to afro-pop, meet Africa's hottest, new musicians on a mission to make their audience feel the beat. "African Voices&quo...

Nighttime 039lows039 more dangerous than highs

The hazards of heat waves continue even after the sun goes down. CNN meteorologist Jennifer Gray explains.

Who is Boris Johnson

CNN's Political Contributor Robin Oakley discusses the career of Britain's "political high wire act", Boris Johnson.

Trump adviser: Clinton should be put in firing line

Senator Tom Cotton tells CNN's Jake Tapper that he condemns comments made by Donald Trump adviser Al Baldasaro. Baldasaro said "Hillary Clin...

CNN Inside Africa: Rock Art Trailer

Kenya contains some of the world's oldest rock art, offering a window into its people's past. Uncover the ancient messages and find out what...

Victims describe negotiating with their kidnappers

CNN's Paula Newton speaks with victims of "express kidnapping" at a time when crime in Venezuela has reached record-breaking highs. ...

Biden: Police officials told Pres that they need support

CNN's Jake Tapper talks to Vice President Joe Biden on CNN.

Smartphone game mixes real and virtual worlds

CNN's Kristie Lu Stout takes us to one Hong Kong fountain that's turned into a virtual battleground in the game "Ingress".

CNN Inside Africa: Cycling Trailer

Africa's first professional cycling team is on a mission to win major championships -- and change lives. "Inside Africa" airs on CNN. C...