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Red News Blue News Ferguson

A look at Fox News & MSNBC handling of reports of injuries suffered by the police officer who shot Michael Brown.

Did news pundit call First Lady fat

Brian Stelter reports on Fox News contributor Dr. Keith Ablow's recent remarks regarding Michelle Obama's weight.

The tv news quotarms racequot

Cleavage, bare arms and short skirts - Kiran Chetry and Judy Woodruff on how female news anchors' outfits have changed.

Results from all user's collections (10 out of ~53,060)
the good news: mariah carey and her billionaire boyfriend are still together c

the bad news: they’re both just a li’l bit cheesy.

Cow Sex Behind Reporter News Blooper

collected by 2 users

Cows try to breed during news segment on live TV.

Saw these two dicks on the News last night

collected by 2 users

Fox news Austin June 07, 2015

News Anchor Kyle Clark EPIC Rant against SnowCovered Patio Photos Colorodo


Video News Reporter Gets Upset For Being Called A Hamburglar On Live TV ILPvi

women are getting degraded on the news now too?!!!

The News Can Be Boring Sometimes But Not These Clips Of Reporters and News Ancho

Youtuber newsbefunny took his or her time to compile once again some very funny news and sports clip that will have you laughing!

The Good News Katy Perry Gets To Go To a Slumber Party With TLC Celebrity Vi

The bad news: anyone who has $5000 may be there too.

Good news Mama June and Sugar Bear might try to work things out Celebrity

Bad news ... it may happen on a couples therapy reality show.

subaru wrx doing donuts on the news

arlington news channel covers a subie having some fun during the ice storm fox news

Watch ABC News 24 Live

This embedding tool is not for use by commercial parties, and is only available to Australian users. ABC News Homepage: Follow ...