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How low was Flight 370 flying

Martin Savidge uses a simulator to recreate conditions where a cell phone signal could could be picked up by a tower.

LiveLeakcom Think you could defend yourself against knife attack

Police training video shows how wrong you could be. Hope USA's libs don't see this, otherwise they'll go crazy to get knives registered...


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Something that I like concerning my task is that I obtain so close to a kid's living. They need to permit me into their private environments. I c...

NEXT LEVEL Imagine What You Could Do If You Could Do THIS

Could Searchers Overlook Plane Debris

CNN's Rene Marsh reports planes could be right on top of the debris from MH370, and overlook it.

How could plane fly under the radar

CNN's Tom Foreman takes a look at how Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 could have been missed by radar coverage.

LiveLeakcom Liveleaker taken out Bruised tailbone amp ego Mt Snow VT

Who is at fault here? I always thought the person ahead has right of way. I guess I could have been more careful going through the merge and the othe...

Storm could be of 039historic proportions039

National Weather Service warns that the storm due to hit the South could be of 'historic proportions.'

Weather threatens to ground parade

Severe winds expected in NY Thursday morning could ground Snoopy, Spongebob and all of the other Macy's parade balloons.

my mom said i could

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