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Why Anecdotes Trump Data

A story is worth a thousand data points. My second channel:

retail sales data helps lift stocks reuterscom

u.s. equities moved higher boosted by encouraging data that points to improved consumer spending. jeanne yurman reports.

What is the World039s Deadliest Animal GOOD

There's a lot of hype around how deadly sharks are, that's for sure. But can you guess what animal is actually the most dangerous to humans?...

massive hack siphoned 30 years of data video reuterscom

officials on friday said suspected chinese hackers made off with up to 3 decades of sensitive personal data on current and former federal employees.

Big data privacy

Data expert Adam Tanner talks to Kristie Lu Stout about businesses capitalizing on your online data.

MH370 Satellite data released after long wait

Richard Quest has been given a preview of the Inmarsat data used in the search for MH370

Inmarsat We gave Malaysians all data

Sarah Bajc, partner of missing MH370 passenger Philip Wood, expresses frustration about absent raw satellite data.

MH370 new data to be released

Saima Moshin reports on the decision to make data public in the case of the missing Malaysian airliner

Destroying data

This is how we destroy data at work. Afterwards we take out the platters and use them as coasters:

Data drown out Yellen rate talk Video Reuterscom

Mar 20 - Summary: Stocks rebound as economic data improve without help from housing; 29 of 30 U.S. banks pass Fed's annual stress exam; Nike easi...