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LiveLeakcom Rules of Final Destination You Must Die

As this rider is knocked off his ride, he briefly sits up and breathes a sigh of relief of how lucky he came to death ..... until the trailer tipped o...

039We039re even more extraordinary together039

Nico Morales worried he would never find love. Then he went online and found his "soulmate," Latoya Jolly, who also has Asperger's synd...

LiveLeakcom BATMAN ON 395

I didn't know he rode a Jap bike. But he appeared when Rammstein was playing on my radio.

Inside Iraq039s reform center for teen jihadists Reuterscom

Wearing funky beads, Laith Abbas comes across as just another Iraqi teenager trying to look cool, until he describes how he clutched an AK-47 assault ...

LiveLeakcom This Boy Wants It Now

He just cannot wait until he grows up.

LiveLeakcom Fatal collision of two trucks

Truck driver with green cab died on the spot. He was thrown on the road through the driver's window. He was not wearing a seat belt.

Police: Man connected to Allenstown victims

In New Hampshire, where he went by the name of Robert "Bob" Evans in the 1980s, authorities revealed they believe he killed two women and th...