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Video Twitter a significant aspect of my career Patrick Stewar

Video on Anticipating the first trade on Twitter, with actor Patrick Stewart. He discusses when he came to love Twitter, and whether he has...

Video Paying Extra on the Mortgage Worth It

Video on Paul's home is worth less than what he bought it for, and he wonders if he should be paying extra on the mortgage.

Video Why 1 Million Small Business Jobs Could be Lost

Video on Former Sen. Judd Gregg, (R-NH), explains what he would do if he were still in the Senate to make Congress tackle the fiscal cliff.

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LiveLeakcom Lady Parks in the Bike Lane and gets Angry when a cyclist tells h

Did he push it? Should he have just gone around?

LiveLeakcom Bee kind

found this little guy on the patio, and he looked on his last legs. Mixed some sugar and water, and within minutes he was walking around on the workto...

Prisoner Calmly And Logically Explains Why He Had To Murder His Cellmate Video

So persuasive that he almost convinced me it was the right thing to do.

Quite handsome young lad cums abundantly Boycall

collected by 3 users

This guy seems to be holding for too long without masturbation, because when he starts jerking off on camera, he finally spurts a really huge load of ...

ADULT BEGINNERS Official Trailer

In theaters and VOD April, 24! A young, hipster entrepreneur (Nick Kroll) crashes and burns on the eve of his company’s big launch. With his entire ...

LiveLeakcom Schoolboy Attempts Suicide Jumping Off Walkbridge

A student decides to take his own life, despite the protests of his fellow students and teachers. While he survived the initial fall, it is understoo...

STOP I039m Not Ticklish Video

So is he, or is he not ticklish?

Never growl at a tiger

*Warning, potty mouth ensues...... Background, I was at the zoo with kids and ex. When we got to the tigers he started growling at them. My opinion to...

No It can039t be true

He can fly if he wants to. E: Just so everybody knows, this was match 5 of Losers Finals in the Frag For Cancer tournament held September 24th. Full m...

LiveLeakcom Mental ill midget goes crazy in front of webcam

His name is Kalli Heß and lives in Berlin. I seems that he got offended by someone and speaks in this video that he come with those knifes and a 2 me...