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Video Pres Obama Should be unanimity among Congress on Ukrain

Video on President Barack Obama addresses the

Video Obama Bucks GOP Opposition in Appointing Cordray

Video on President Obama is making an end-run around Congress with a controversial recess appointment, with CNBC

Video President Obama on 039Buffett Rule039

Video on CNBC's Eamon Javers weighs in on President Obama's statement on the "Buffett rule." President Obama delivers h...

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Obama says 039heartbroken039 over Fort Hood shooting Video Reuterscom

April 2 - U.S. President Obama said he was

Obama heartbroken over Fort Hood shooting Video Reuterscom

April 2 - U.S. President Barack Obama said on Wednesday he was

Pres Barack Obama on Ellen Breaking His Twitter Record

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She's the reigning queen of the retweet! See what newly defeated President Obama had to say about it. Also, find out why he's been shopping ...

Obama meets with Ukraine039s PM shows support Video Reuterscom

March 12 - U.S. President Barack Obama holds face-to-face talks with new Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk in the Oval Office and says,

Obama flubs spelling of 039respect039

President Obama misspells "Respect" during Women Of Soul concert.

Watch Obama meet his impersonator

President Obama met a YouTube star known for impersonating him during a meeting at the White House.

Kohn Obama vs Putin That039s sick

Sally Kohn was outraged that The Daily Caller put out a survey who would make a better President: Obama or Putin.

Obama calls Crimean referendum violation of international law Video Reuters

March 6 - Speaking in the White House briefing room, President Barack Obama said any discussion about the future of Ukraine must include the

Obama disarms heckler039s nuclear question

President Obama brushes off a heckler during his speech to the Democratic National Committee.

Obama writes to armless football star

After his story was featured on The Situation Room, Isaac Lufkin received a letter of congratulations from Pres. Obama.