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Video President Obama I don039t have a green light

Video on President Obama discusses the fighting between Hamas and Israel, and the ceasefire there. He says no country would tolerate rocket...

Video Pres Obama Should be unanimity among Congress on Ukrain

Video on President Barack Obama addresses the

Video Obama Bucks GOP Opposition in Appointing Cordray

Video on President Obama is making an end-run around Congress with a controversial recess appointment, with CNBC

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Can Obama learn from Marion Barry039s legacy

Panel discuss former DC Mayor Barry's legacy and whether Obama should do more about the issue of US race relations.

The 039Inside Politics039 forecast

Future headlines: Pelosi's power play, focus on Obama's veto pen, and what will happen to Obama's nominees.

Obama GOP ready to square off

President Obama faces several political fights when he comes back to Washington. CNN's Erin McPike explains

Obama delivers veiled message to China Video Reuterscom

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U.S. President Barack Obama pledges his government's commitment to its Asian allies, saying it will not tolerate

Obama optimistic on Myanmar039s future

Barack Obama is in Myanmar with opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi to talk about the country's transition to democracy.

Does Obama agenda keep him relevant

John King, Molly Ball and Ed O'Keefe on the issues President Obama is campaigning for and how he may work with the GOP.

Boehner039s tough words for Obama on immigration

House Speaker John Boehner warned President Obama against "playing with matches" on Thursday, saying Obama should not act on immigration. ...

Obama to voters 039I hear you039

President Obama said Wednesday that he has received the message voters sent in Tuesday's midterm elections.

Dems shun Obama on campaign trail

President Obama has a lot at stake in the mid-term elections. CNN's Erin McPike explains.

Man Tells Obama Not To Touch His Girlfriend Video

President Obama cast his ballot in Chicago during early voting for the 2014 Midterm Elections, and then this happened.