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Vote :D!

Game Demo Unit Preview by Revangale on deviantART

Sorry no zerg! Creep is hard :/

Dark Templar Speed Art HD

Attempting an other marker shaded picture. Went with my fave unit in StarCraft 2, the Dark Templar ^_^. This turned out like, WAY better than I expect...

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The Art Of Rhyme Mos Def Throwback Freestyle New Video

From the documentary Freestyle: The Art Of Rhyme Posted By Persist

Eric Andre Art Gallery

This art hurt me!

Video 21st Precint Art Show

Art installation in a former police station soon to be demolished.

Malawian creates art for the masses

Elson Kambalu on creating an art space on the outskirts of Malawi's capital city Lilongwe.

Protest art in danger Video Reuterscom

Much of the art work that has come to represent the pro democracy movement in Hong Kong is in jeaopardy of being removed. Julie Noce reports.

Exciting art defines Zambian life

CNN's Soni Methu meets young sculptors who are inspired by their heritage to create unique works of art.

Bringing death metal to London039s streets

To liven up London's insurance district, art has been displayed curbside, including a black cube with a loud surprise.

The healing power of art

CNN's Becky Anderson meets human trafficking victims at the Ewa'a shelter in Abu Dhabi to see how they use art to battle their fears.

Should Banksy039s art be removed from the streets

'Banksy' has condemned an exhibition of his work after organisers defended their decision to remove his art from public spaces.

Taxidermy at London039s 039Other Art Fair039

Celebrated artist Tracey Emin launches an affordable art show to support up and coming artists. Rosie Tomkins reports.