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SC2 Happy New Year and Merry Christmas site bg by Dexistor371 on deviantART

This adaptation of original artwork ( ) into Christmas/NewYear theme was done as background for I

Zealot sketch by DHTenshi on deviantART

Doodle in school, i

skMC The Boss Toss by HanzoSC2 on deviantART

Probably the most entertaining and enjoyable korean Protoss player out there...

Naniwa The King in the North by HanzoSC2 on deviantART

Naniwa is a Starcraft 2 pro player from Sweden. Whether you like the guy or not, you can only salute his passion and dedication to the game...

Mind blown by Dexistor371 on deviantART

Another epic official artwork was stolen from Blizzard sources in High Definition resolution. This time you can see scene when Kerrigan invades into K...

Sarah vs Hydralisk by PeterPrime on deviantART

I painted this one for the Blizzcon contest. It

Zerg Roach by DHTenshi on deviantART

Been a big fan of Starcraft II lately, I basically don

Baneling at the Beach by Maleki on deviantART

A coworker of mine requested this so I threw it together on my down time. I like how it turned out! Might upload the pre-photoshop version because it ...


Some guy on the stream said this and I felt like drawing it