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LiveLeakcom Aleppo Offensive before and after

This video shows a promising start to the FSA's offensive, but todays aftermath shows a different story

Carson039s evangelical offensive

CNN's Nia-Malika Henderson reports that Ben Carson is planning an evangelical offensive, targeting conservative religious leaders on behalf of Do...

Offensive Interview Prank

I went to UCLA today & asked some offensive interview questions. I guess that's the best way to explain it haha. Hope you guys enjoyed the vi...

Iraq resumes offensive to recapture Tikrit Video Reuterscom

Iraqi forces mount an offensive to try to oust Islamic State militants from the city of Tikrit. Nathan Frandino reports.

Israel039s military offensive presses on Kerry seeks ceasefire Video Reu

Fighting rages as Israel presses on with its ground offensive in Gaza, on a mission to destroy hidden tunnels and militants' missile stockpiles. ...

Why Is This Even A Debate A Panel Talking About Which Word Is More Racist and O

The word you find harder to say is the word that is more offensive. End of debate!

Iraqi forces push on with offensive Reuterscom

Iraqi forces backed by Shi'ite militia fighters say they are making progress in a new offensive to re-take territory from Islamic State militants...

Residents of Ukraine039s Mariupol prepare for potential military offensive

Ukraine's Mariupol prepares for a possible military offensive that locals hope won't be necessary, while the ceasefire in the east barely ho...

Saudi King calls Israel039s offensive a war crime Video Reuterscom

As shelling exchanges continue, Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has broken his silence and describes Israel's offensive on Gaza as

Protesters across Europe denounce Israel039s Gaza offensive Video Reuters

Protesters in European cities, from Frankfurt to Paris, denounce Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip as the death toll from the 19-day conflict ...