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LiveLeakcom Giant Squid Fishing

This fisherman knows how to catch some really big squid.

Giant squid surfaces in Japanese harbor

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Spectators on a pier in Toyama Bay in central Japan were treated to a rare sighting of a giant squid. Footage provided by Diving Shop Kaiyu.

Iron Squid 2 Making Of VF 1080p

Format : Classy - 8 mins Event : Iron Squid 2 Date : 2013 26 janvier Lieu : Palais des congrès de Paris, France Music : Alt-Tab production & ...

Braised Squid With Artichokes Video Library The New York Times

Mark Bittman prepares a dish he brought back from Italy: a simple braise with artichokes and squid.

Watch the mesmerizing undulations of a giant mechanical squid

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Mechateuthis, the giant mechanical squid is a sight to behold.

LiveLeakcom Giant squid spotted off Japans coastline

This is the giant squid spotted swimming in Toyama Bay, northwest of Tokyo. Researchers estimate the creature is around 12-feet (3.7 metres) long .....

Giant Squid Captured On Camera Swimming Alongside Divers Video

Akinobu Kimura, the owner of a Japanese diving shop, got to swim alongside the giant squid.

The Squid and the Whale

Style example!

Sammy Squid 3: Healthy Eats Make The Best Treats

Sammy Squid Returns! In this cartoon the adult squid throws a small Halloween party for the Sammy and the other children squids. The choice between fr...

Absurd Creatures This Squid Has One Little Eye and One Giant Eye

Hey listen, we’re all lopsided. You’d look weird as hell if you were perfectly symmetrical. But the strawberry squid is really lopsided, with one ...