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Watch Kanye West Recite a Poem for MLK in Middle School CollegeHumor Video

Let's have a toast for the cutiepies. Watch

Watch Nick Cannon Get SEVERELY Booed at MSG Trying to Film 039America039s

Pssssh they just wildn' out. All twenty thousand of 'em. Watch

MUST LISTEN Lannista039s Paradise CollegeHumor Video

Watch the throne, T. Playas be tryna game it. Watch

Should We Do a Bitcoin Sketch CollegeHumor Video

Watch now before it's not worth your time. Watch

10Minute Pilot Episode About Working Security at 5Star Hotel is Worth Your Wat

A good web series (that keeps you wanting more) is hard to come by, but this certainly nails it, feeling professional without being too glitzy or gimm...

Watch Chris Farley Do Matt Foley at Second City Before SNL CollegeHumor Video

That van sure has been parked there for a while. Watch

Hitler039s First Name Boy Answers Enthusiastically quotJohnquot Colleg

What is this game show that asks children to identify Hitler and how do we watch it? Watch

Everything Wrong With The Notebook in 10 Minutes CollegeHumor Video

Love hurts. To watch. Watch