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Ahnold amp Me

Gov Schwarznegger spoke to Smerconish about lack of turnover in Congress - but one joke about President Trump dominated coverage of the interview. ...

Details Continue To Leak Out About Trump039s Russia Story

Stephen welcomes another opportunity to crack jokes about what some are calling Golden Gate.

039Fresh Eyes039 music video not what you expected

Singer Andy Grammer talks to John Vause about how his song "Fresh Eyes" went from being about his wife to an anthem about homeless people. ...

Sen: we039ll ask Tillerson about influence on Trump

Sen. Bob Corker talks to Jake Tapper about Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson's upcoming confirmation hearing.

LiveLeakcom The Truth About Depression

collected by 2 users

Why does popular culture glorify and fetishize depression? It's now a form of virtue signaling to constantly drone on about how depressed you ar....

In Old Movies Why The Dial Tone After Someone Hangs Up

collected by 3 users

Brace yourselves, we're about to get into some serious detail about telephone systems. Thanks to all the folks at Seattle's Museum of Commun...

exNFLer on Trump Cabinet: It039s not about color

When asked about the lack of diversity in President-elect Donald Trump's Cabinet, NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown said it's not about black and ...

What Trump039s picks reveal about his administration

CNN's Victor Blackwell looks at the positions already announced, and what they may tell us about a Donald Trump presidency.