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I hate my broom3gp

My cat can sit on her own head

The title says it all.

7 Life Lessons Your Cat Can Teach You

Your cat may have it more figured out than you know. Get the party started with Friskies® Party Mix.™ Find reviews, nutrition Information, ingredie...

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Cat Gets Brain Freeze From Eating Ice Cream Video

That's the strangest noise I have ever heard from a cat...

Cat talking to its human

collected by 2 users

Cat wants to go inside and she gets really angry :)

Parrot annoys cat

My african grey really likes my cat

Cat mystifies stoners

Cat makes an unreal leap which stuns and amazes a couple stoned dudes.

Ninja Cat Attack Video

This might be the best cat video on the internet.

Boston Terrier vs mean cat

Our cat stole the dog's toy and won't give it back, poor Thai. He just couldn't figure out how to get it back.

Mean Cat Owner Gets Instant Karma Video

You piss this cat off, and he'll get you back.

Lol Guy Yelling At Cats For No Reason New Video

No Cats Harmed In The Making Of This Video! Posted By PSmooth