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LiveLeakcom Dog having a bad day

Dog got bitten in the penis by a snake and it won't let go.

Dog hates being flipped off Insulting dog with middle finger

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This dog is sick of his owner's sh*t! LOL

LiveLeakcom Bad guy prison in Miami with the help of dogs

He even tried to run, but the dogs finished the service... I do not know what hurt more, the bites of dogs, or kicking the police after ! **No S...

LiveLeakcom Our Dog Gets Punked by a Gopher

Our dog Goober is an excellent hunter! We've never encouraged this behavior, in fact my wife used to try to stop her, but the instinct to hunt i...

LiveLeakcom Torched Dog Warning: Animal Cruelty

This incident took place in China, dog is being prepared for food. A group of Chinese men tied and hang the dog, while its struggling to escape they s...

Sleeping dog with stick out tongue

What a lovely dog... Enjoy ;)

Dog Meat Army Fallout 4 Mod FO4 DemendraHD

In this video I'll be testing the Dog companion modification that allows you to have as many as your computer can handle! /Links Below Mod I�...

Dog Gone Full Movie starring Cameron Monaghan

It's a hilarious battle of wits when 12-year-old Owen and his dog are left home alone with his older sister, running into three bumbling jewel th...

My dog standing and walking in the pool

My dog loves our pool so much that he learned too many tricks to do with it including this. Haha Please like my dog's Facebook page and Instagra...

Top 5 Weirdest Dog Breeds in the World

Top 5 Weirdest Dog Breeds in the World. ----------------------------------------------------------------- #5. Bedlington Terrier. Native to Engla...