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LiveLeakcom My Dog Is the Best

Well educated dog

SMH: Man Assaults Dog At A Dog Park New Video

Posted by Ghost

Turns out our dogs may understand what we say

A recent study at Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest found that dogs can actually make sense of human speech.

Italy039s hero dog Reuterscom

An Italian police officer recounts the moment his sniffer dog spotted an 11-year-old girl trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings in quake-hit...

LiveLeakcom Owner Yells at Dogs Who Ate His Shoes

When this guy discovered that the insole of his shoe was eaten, he gathered his two dogs and asked which one of them did it. They both tried to avoid ...

LiveLeakcom Police Dog Bites Trainer in Wrist

Dog just won't let go

Chef Dog

After a long day sailing on the seven seas, boat dog enjoys a nice relaxing meal.

LiveLeakcom Homeowner Accuses Cop Of Needlessly Killing Dog

**Plumbers Crack Alert @ 44 second mark** Kansas City, MO - Police say an officer fearing for his safety shot a dog while responding to a call Satu.....

LiveLeakcom Dog having a bad day

Dog got bitten in the penis by a snake and it won't let go.

Dog hates being flipped off Insulting dog with middle finger

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This dog is sick of his owner's sh*t! LOL