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Sam Neill talks Thor 3 and why Dr Alan Grant might be dead

The Jurassic Park actor sat down with ShortList to talk about his new film, his next film and the whereabouts of cinema's favourite paleontologis...

LiveLeakcom Idiot filming in the street comes to centimeters from filming hi

Kids, this is why you DON'T want to play in traffic .... did the driver aim for him ?

The Elephant039s Garden

A film I made with elephants in it, and a bunch of other things too. GET THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK BY RED M:

Microscopic Pacman

collected by 2 users

An experiment using micro scenography and film lighting to film the behaviour of single celled organisms. Feel free to play your own music over the im...

Truman 1995 HBO Films

Other Historical Films...

The Evolution of Wolverine in Television amp Film

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With X-Men: Apocalypse coming out next week, it seems like a perfect time to explore the TV & film history of Wolverine! New video every week! b...

Украина. Woman, BMW, reverse. That's a dangerous combination. Conversation: - Don't film me - I'm not filming you. - Then what ...

Undeveloped World War II Film Discovered

The Rescued Film Project discovers and processes 31 rolls of film shot by an American WWII soldier over 70 years ago. Please help support our efforts...

The Godfather Part III

One of the greatest sagas in movie history continues. In this third film in the epic Corleone trilogy, Al Pacino reprises the role of powerful family ...

Creep Gets Busted For Filming Young Girls Video

Justice is served after a pedestrian noticed this man following and filming a little girl on the streets of San Francisco.