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Profesor muy enojado golpea a un alumno

xDD jajajajasj por rompe....

Stru w siemiatyczach

Nagranie strusia biegnącego główną ulicą Siemiatycz

O folgado e a tarada

Veja o que acontece quando um folgado resolve cochilar no banco do ônibus ao lado de uma loira que está na seca há dias.

Shit Seattle People Say When It Snows

A parody of Shit Girls Say at Shout out to the Seattle Twitterati crew for the inspiration and Sergio M.....

How They Make Parky Bill039s Wholesome Homestyle Brain Flakesmov

While digging through the corporate vaults, we found this vintage film shown in schools about the making of Parky Bill's Wholesome Homestyle Brai...

Kiwi flight

Kiwi flight (c)

S002E02 Sven Hoek