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Obama Closes With Hope

Obama Closes With Hope: Remember this guy? ..

Obama Is Always Tight

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Downside of Obama pledging no troops

A former top adviser to President OBama questions his no boots on the ground pledge.

Obama clarifies message on ISIS

At the end of the NATO summit, President Obama said, "we are going to degrade and ultimately defeat ISIL."

Mediashy Obama steps into the spotlight

Before leaving for vacation, President Obama holds a series of press conferences. Is it a necessary duty or politics?

Obama says that after 911 039we tortured some folks039 Video Reuters

President Barack Obama said on Friday the CIA

Obama to meet Central American leaders

John King, Peter Hamby and Nia-Malika Henderson on how Obama and Congress are grappling with the border crisis.

Obama to Dutch We are all heartbroken Video Reuterscom

President Barack Obama visits the Netherlands Embassy in Washington, where he signs the condolences book for victims of the MH17 crash in Ukraine. Rou...

Obama behind the wheel Video Reuterscom

U.S. President Barack Obama test drives a car at a highway research center to highlight gains made in the development of vehicles that

Pres Obama speaks with PM Netanyahu

The U.S. Ambassador to Israel on the role the Obama administration could play in deescalating the crisis in the Mideast.

Cutter suing Obama a waste of tax money

Crossfire host Stephanie Cutter is outraged over Speaker John Boehner's decision to sue President Obama.

Obama talks about consistent job growth Video Reuterscom

U.S. President Barack Obama visits the patriotically named Washington start-up hub