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Obama asks America to summon what is best in us Reuterscom

"I ask you to carry her the same way you carried me," says President Barack Obama, who embraces Hillary Clinton on stage at the Democratic N...

Obama pushes back on Trump: America is already great Reuterscom

Keynote speaker of the third night of the Democratic National Convention, U.S. President Barack Obama says,

Obama vs Trump: Whose facts are right

President Obama pushes back on Donald Trump's dark, pessimistic opinion of America after his RNC speech. CNN's Michelle Kosinski gives a rea...

Obama at international summit focuses on Trump

Obama took a swipe at Trump's so called populist message saying the GOP nominee has shown no regard for workers and never fought for social justi...

Obama on Trump: 039We don039t have time for bigotry039

President Obama reacts to Donald Trump's comments blaming Obama for Brexit.

What039s in a name Obama on Radical Islam Reuterscom

U.S. President Barack Obama after meeting with National Security team explains why he does not use the words

Progress made in mission to defeat ISIL: Obama Reuterscom

President Barack Obama reiterates his administration's focus on destroying Islamic State and says

Clinton: Trump said Obama is on the side of terrorists

Hillary Clinton rebuked Trump's statements about President Obama and challenged Republicans to disavow his comments.

Obama: 039Our mission is to destroy ISIL039

President Obama speaks to the media regarding the progress made in the fight against ISIS. "ISIL is on defense," said Obama, using another a...

Obama endorses Clinton calls for party unity

President Obama met with Sen. Bernie Sanders today, praising him for his campaign and pushing for a unified path forward. CNN's Jeff Zeleny repor...