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Puppy Battles Doorstop Video

After this puppy discovered the doorstopper, the battle raged adorably!

LiveLeakcom Puppy in a tight spot is rescued

Happened 11th March, 2015, in Thailand. Good job by the rescue crew. Current fate of the puppy is unknown.

Talking Husky Puppy Has A Lot To Say Video

This little puppy is just too cute.

Boy Gets Puppy For Christmas After His Old Dog Ran Away Video

A heartwarming video shows this little boy's reaction to getting a new puppy.

4 Year Old Boy Throws Puppy Repeatedly Into Pavement

A Genesee County man could face charges after neighbors videotaped his grandson continually throwing a puppy into the street.

Puppy Surprise Meltdown Video

A little girl gets a puppy for her birthday and her reaction is priceless!

Great Dane Puppy Expresses Displeasure Being Forced to Get Up Early Video

We all can relate to this, he is clearly not a morning puppy.

Guilty Puppy

Asking my 9 month old puppy the hard questions. Luna, did you eat my money?

Puppy Pukes Up A Surprise Video

A puppy ate something he shouldn

LiveLeakcom Puppy receives therapy for Swimmer Puppy Syndrome

Meet Mick, a 6-week-old Boston Terrier puppy. If this isn't a 'feel good' story, I don't know what is... Cheers to The Mia Fou...