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Vital water supply under threat in Syria Reuterscom

The Syrian army escalates aerial bombing of a rebel-held valley northwest of Damascus in an offensive that started last week to recapture the strategi...

Farmers could use less water to grow our food

Professor Bill Davies from Lancaster University talks about partial root drying, which reduces irrigation water by roughly half, even on crops like ri...

Boiling Water Until It Freezes

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I put water in a vacuum chamber to bring it to its triple point. Making solid oxygen: Music: https://www....

LiveLeakcom Amazing Baby Birth

Waters never broken. Amniotic sack still in tact. Amazing! The bag of waters was left intact. This is called being born in the caul.

LiveLeakcom Fatal jump to water

Andrej Beuc (34) ,a Slovenian jumper which participated in water jumps, jumped at around 16:30, emerged from the water shortly and then disappeared in...

This reimagined wheelbarrow is revolutionary

The Hippo Water Roller is used to gather water in developing countries. It was designed by two South Africans who grew up in rural areas.

Water Safety: Lonely Water

Public Information Film from 1973

Water vs Gravity

What we learn from this video: Science is awesome. Drinking water is healthy for you. Pilots have a great view from their offices. Linkerius - Roy S...

Startup Battlefield: WaterO Helps You Drink More and Better

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Water-O’s countertop system removes impurities more efficiently than reverse osmosis and other technologies. It makes salt water and Flint water dri...

Why these waters are home to the world039s largest fish

The tropical waters and abundance of crab spawn in the Gulf of Tadjoura create an ideal feeding ground for sharks and the perfect conditions for resea...