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How will Britain039s Economy fare in the coming months

Michael Jacobides talks to CNNI about the economic fallout of the Brexit vote on Britain's Economy

US economy in overdrive

The DOW closed above 18,000, gas prices are down, and a new poll finds Americans believe the economy is in good shape.

Putin Russia will diversify its economy

Russian President Vladimir Putin holds a year-end news conference as Russia's economy struggles to cope with falling oil prices.

Impact of Russia039s struggling economy

CNN's John Defterios explains how the falling price of oil has put pressure on Russia's oil-rich economy.

On GPS Trouble in Russia039s economy

Chrystia Freeland and David Rothkopf explain the problems in Russia's economy. But how will Putin respond?

Russia039s economy sliding into a recession

CNN Senior Political Commentator Jay Carney talks about how cheap oil and sanctions are hurting Russia's economy.

Turkey039s economy suffers blow

CNN's John Defterios explores what Recep Tayyip Erdogan's transition to president means for Turkish economy.

Breakingviews Italys coma economy Video Reuterscom

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi offers promises and constitutional change, but has delayed tough reforms. Meanwhile, Europe's fourth-biggest economy ...

Will economy cause more chaos in Egypt

Egypt's struggling economy continues to be a source of frustration for many citizens. CNN's Ian Lee reports from Cairo.

Will Ukraine039s economy be able to sustain

Eonomist David Dalton explains why Ukraine economy is in crisis.