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OccupyDameStreet A Leaderless Resistance

An independent student film on Occupy Dame Street, Dublin.

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Chemin De Croix English Subtitles

Short gay film with english subtitles.

Undeveloped World War II Film Discovered on Vimeo

The Rescued Film Project discovers and processes 31 rolls of film shot by an American WWII soldier over 70 years ago. Filmed By: Tucker Debevec Audio...

LiveLeakcom Illegal to film us as we film you

This is what brought me to the Washington State Ferry System:Feedback from viewers indicated WSF would have an issue with citizens taking a few pictur...

Film Critic 039Hollywood039s always running scared039

New York Magazine's film critic, David Edelstein, about whether Sony hacking is going to affect future films.

Emirati film opens Abu Dhabi film fest

Emirati filmmaker Al Mostafa talks to CNN's Becky Anderson about his movie From A to B.

Labor of Love

collected by 2 users

A short documentary portrait of the adult film foley artist Grant Meyers. A film by Jack Pearce. Starring Will Stephen and Zhang Qingyun. Cinemat...

LiveLeakcom Can039t Film This

A collection of Daddy Justice's many encounters with people who tell him, 'Can't film this'.

A Brief Look at Texting and the Internet in Film PopScreen

Is there a better way of showing a text message in a film? How about the internet? Even though we’re well into the digital age, film is still ine...

Fireworks filmed with a drone

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BE SURE TO WATCH IN HD! Flying through a firework show with a DJI Phantom 2 and filming it with a GoPro Hero 3 silver. Filmed in West Palm Beach, Flor...

quot12414quot Film

collected by 2 users

Thirty years ago Macintosh promised to put technology in the hands of the people. To celebrate Mac's birthday, this film was shot around the worl...