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OccupyDameStreet A Leaderless Resistance

An independent student film on Occupy Dame Street, Dublin.

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Not A Good Day For This Thief video page

I just don't get people who steal. Why not just work for what you want and be proud of yourself at the end of the day? smh


A lot of bigger Youtube channels have already stated there opinions on this topic, and I just felt so invoked to share my own thoughts as well. No, ...

LiveLeakcom Guy Drives Down Median Gets Pulled over

Sorry for the music just turn the volume off. Skip to 1:14 for the action. Got this on my dashcam while driving to school... just love the instant kar...

LiveLeakcom Accident leaves guys rolled into mechanical winch

They were just working, and an oversight were hoisted and killed by the machine that helped him lift the heavy stuff .. Just sad ...

Utopia Season 2 Episode 6 Opening scene

collected by 2 users

There's a whole bunch of reasons why I love Channel 4's "Utopia", but scenes like these are by far the best way to explain it. Ten...

twin suicide blasts kill at least 10 injure dozens in yemeni capital reuters

islamic state in yemen claims responsibility for the attack, which happened just as just worshippers were performing prayers for the eid al-adha holid...

We just got a letter I wonder who it039s from

I haven't seen anyone do this yet, so I had to. I just had to. I own none of this.

So damn disrespectful this is just not right

(Some) police have no respect for the dead or their families, this is just crazy...

MaCoys Hang on sloopympg

I just had to load this. Its not only a classic song but the Video is so good. The Girl dances great for this pre disco era plus she is so fit. Jugmun...

Love amp Hip Hop Is Just TV Comedy Skit New Video

Worldstar presents It's Just T.V. by @who_is_u Brought to you by @QWorldstar #TreatYourselfMuvafucka #Who_Is_U #Whoisu #Baltimore Posted by Jay