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OccupyDameStreet A Leaderless Resistance

An independent student film on Occupy Dame Street, Dublin.

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JESUS Haircut

Just wanted to to this cut to share with everyone and spread the word that we are forgiven and that He bought us back from the sin we were slaves to.....

Rude Kid Gets Ass Handed to Him CollegeHumor Video

Parents just don't understand. Or maybe they do. And this kid's just a prick. Watch

Lucky Man Inseparable Twin Sisters Share Everything Including Their Boyfriend

So they weren't usually like this then suddenly they become like this mhmm? One don't just change their personality just like that.

Are Drake And Rihanna Banging Again Celebrity Videos TMZcom

The mysterious video that makes us think … we shoulda just asked ‘em straight up!  But since we didn’t, we’ll just argue about it.

This Just Wrong The Most Ratchet Grandma Ever

Just after seeing this im just going to drown that bitter image with some alcohol.

Is This Deer Dumb Or Just Deaf

Awww so adorable. I don't think it's deaf it's just really friendly.

Just Call Him Kangaroo Cat

lol this cat just suddenly start dancing on his hind legs and it makes for a hilariously cute video.

It Ain039t Jerry Springer Its Just Another Day In Russia

Everything the Russians does are just so entertaining.

Giving Christmas Gift To The HomelessDoesn039t This Just Warms Your Heart

While most of us want the best phone or the biggest TV for the holidays, there are a lot of people out there who just need the basics like food and cl...

Hillbilly Thinks HE039S Beyonce Talented

Just bought the new Beyonce album & loved this song in particular, The chorus is just insaaaane :)) had to cover it. -Liam Holmes