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Students stand up to slavery

CNNi visited students at Atlanta's International School to discuss what freedom means to them as part of #MyFreedomDay.

Students advocate against human trafficking

Tamar and Rebecca are students fighting slavery, through their work with the Stahili foundation.

Students in UAE take stand against slavery

CNN's Becky Anderson visits a school in Abu Dhabi where students are raising awareness of human trafficking as part of #MyFreedomDay.

Student juggles to prove he039s sober

A University of Central Arkansas student and amateur magician who was pulled over for suspected drunk driving proved his sobriety to police by jugglin...

Students run against slavery

In Hong Kong's Victoria Peak over 800 high school students recently ran a 24-hour endurance race raising funds and awareness for anti-slavery cha...

Students walkout to push for sanctuary campuses

On November 16, college students across the US held walkouts to pressure their schools to protect undocumented students.

Cambodia: How students fight slavery

Actress Mira Sorvino meets Cambodian students educating locals on the risks of falling victim of forced labor abroad.

Foreign Student 1994

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED Not available on DVD. I caught this independent film on cable back in 1996 or so. Hope you guys like this period.....

LiveLeakcom Student Driver039s Gone Wild

My first real post. I was driving home when I got behind this student driver who I honestly thought was going to take out a mailbox or another car. I ...

Baltimore School Cop Slaps Kicks Student

Article: Asa is an Activist, Musician, Student, an...