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OccupyDameStreet A Leaderless Resistance

An independent student film on Occupy Dame Street, Dublin.

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Storm Sends A Man And Tent Flying Video

You have to admire his dedication to hang on to that tent.

4th Of July Tent Explosion Video

Deputies and Fire Rescue respond to a fireworks tent up in flames.

Top of the Line Camping Tents

Enjoying the outdoors can be a wonderful experience, but you need the right camping tent to keep you dry, warm, and safe. For more information, please...

Weather blamed for tent collapse

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Guy Standing Under A Tent Gets Blown Away During Hurricane

Why would anyone seek safety under a tent during a HURRICANE. He's a peculiar idiot.

KILGUARD vs Fumigation

ever wondered what the difference between KILGUARD and fumigation is? The video above details the hassles of fumigation and the convenience of termite...

D12 Occupy Houston Protester039s laying in street are trapped in big red t

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All I can say is this was EFFED up! 12/12/11 Footage courtesy of:

Raw Video quotFloating Tentquot at Occupy Cal

Banned from pitching tents on the ground, protesters at the "Occupy Cal" site in Berkeley, California, launched a floating tent using helium...

LiveLeakcom Twins killed when tree falls on tent during storm

Three year old twins killed when tree lands on tent during storm

An Introduction to Gervais Party And Tent Rentals Ltd

This video speaks in-depth about the Toronto business, Gervais Party And Tent Rentals, which specialize in party equipment and party tents for rental....