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US Army Convoy 14032015

US Army Convoy 14.03.2015 Location Medgidia , Constanta, Romania Time: 8.12 min AM

US Army Training Gone Wrong Guy Diving into a Huge Belly Flop Army Training

I wonder if wearing clothes while doing a Belly Flop makes it hurt more?

ram roman army structure on vimeo

ram roman army structure

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Army Ranger military school

Explore the grueling training of one of the toughest voluntary U.S. Army schools.

Modernized equipment gives boost to Ukraine039s army Video Reuterscom

Ukraine's Poroshenko hands fighter jets, APCs and self-propelled guns to the country's army as part of a 2015 budget in defence spending. Ji...

Army okays use of word 039Negro039

The U.S. Army says a service member can be called a "Negro" when describing black or African-American service members.

LiveLeakcom CPPNPA attack on SUMIFRU

This video shows the NPA (New Peoples Army) attacking one of SUMIFRU's guard barracks which also has personnel's from the Philippine Army. T...

It will be better if the army takes over Karachi resident Video Reutersc

June 11 - Pakistanis express concerns about security, calling on the army to guarantee safety following a Taliban raid on the country's busiest a...

Army veteran039s makeover goes viral

Timelapse video of a U.S. Army veteran getting a makeover has gone viral.

LiveLeakcom Army captain assaulted at Walmart

47-year-old Yiqiang Wu yelled derogatory statements at the man about the U.S. Army before striking him several times in the face. The suspect was c.....

LiveLeakcom Turkey Jihad The Gobbling Army

Man Commands Army Of Thousands, Probably Planning World Domination!

The chain is only as strong as the weakest link The chain is only as strong as the weakest link ARMY STRONG