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Georgia School Founder Shocks Students With Racist Remarks During Graduation Cer

A video posted online shows a Georgia school principal making racist remarks during the school’s graduation, The Grio is reporting. During graduati...

How not to react when your child tells you that he039s gay

A perfect example of how much hate and intolerance still exists today. This family gave a young man two options: attend a pray the gay away interventi...

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Floods cause chaos in France and Germany

Thousands of residents have been evacuated from flooded homes, and artworks in the Louvre have been moved to higher floors for protection.Sponsored: D...

Paper Hearts Tori Kelly Cover

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Hi everyone! It has been awhile since my last upload, and I apologize. I've been incredibly busy but I hope to post on a more frequent basis. Tha...

Sevyn Streeter ft BOB Shoulda Been There Official Lyric Video

"Shoulda Been There" pt. 1 (The Prelude) Coming 7/17! Director / Editor: JR Strickland Producer: Andrew Listermann Post Supervisor: Adison...

adrien broner takes shots after massive win celebrity videos tmzcom

it's unclear how much cash broner had on the table in the high roller's room at the mgm grand -- but it must have been a lot ... because any...

johndeppmusic Feat Militant Marijuana ShouldaBeenAalbum3 420 Unsigned

Former dipset , Skullgang artist John depp has been foucs on his solo project lately dropping shoulda been a album 3 May 5th on all sites!!

Cholesterol Isn039t Quite as Bad as You039ve Been Told

Cholesterol! For decades it’s been demonized as the reason so many people have heart disease. We ‘ve been watching it, and avoiding it like the pl...

Official Gang killed burned students

Seventy-four suspects have been arrested in the case of the 43 missing students, who are presumed to have been murdered.

This pervert broke into my house while I was out

my wife and i came home late last night and found our ladder propped under our window. after checking our ip cam we realized we had been burglarized. ...

Extreme Weather Changes During August And September 2014

The world has been plagued by a flood of extremes in recent weeks and in some areas, it's been relentless. Various calamities have taken place th...

Fruit recall impacts Walmart Costco

Amid concerns they may have been contaminated by dangerous bacteria, pitted fruits have been recalled from several stores.