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259202 Cat welcome short5 after 3

3日ぶりの再会です♪ お留守番の頑張りようが目に浮かびます。 最近気をつけていたのに、むーの喜び様に思わ...

Cat Paws

My cat is a weirdo sometimes.

LiveLeakcom Cat gets a dog into a sleeper hold

MMA cat :)

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Cat Happy To See Owner After 3 Days Do Cats Have Souls

whats this cat's problem?

259202 Cat welcome short5 after 3

collected by 3 users

3日ぶりの再会です♪ お留守番の頑張りようが目に浮かびます。 最近気をつけていたのに、むーの喜び様に思わ...

Cat Doesn039t Want To Hear This Guy039s Music LOL

artist wants to play his music for the people but this cat isn't having it

How To Get Your Cat To Stay Off The Desk

Your cat will never go back up there again.

Cat want food Cat don039t get food

It is a cat that is hungry. Fortunately cats are pretty dumb. In memory of Daisy, 1990-2013. Song: Walking the dog - Silent partner. To use this vi...

I Think This Toy Cat is Possessed By the Devil CollegeHumor Video

Her cat nip is human souls. Watch

What Happens When A Cat Tries To Apologize To His Friend

I guess this cat was tired of apologizing so he just knock the sh*t out of him.

One Patient Cat Video

Two puppies really test the patience of this cat.

Smart Cat Escapes Cage Video

Marshmallow the cat goes on a jailbreak!

In Crimea a woman who trusts cats more than people Video Reuterscom

March 16 - While Crimeans line up to vote in a referendum on whether or not to join Russia, one lady would rather be in the comfort of her 55 cats. Ga...