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TMZ Loves Candy Satiate Your Celebrity Sweet Tooth Celebrity Videos TMZc

Hulk Hogan, Sam Jackson and more help us celebrate #NationalCandyDay!

NHL Players039 Celebrity Crush

Several National Hockey League players talk about their celebrity crushes.

Oregon School Shooting Celebs Demand Training for Kids Celebrity Videos T

Dr. Ben Carson was NOT that far off with his advice on taking down mass shooters ... this according to celebrity security experts who are suddenly flo...

TMZ039s Best Celebrity Flower Moments Celebrity Videos TMZcom

You know those women on the street who try and sell you roses? Yeah, celebrities know them too.

its eddie the celebrity tiger guy celebrity videos tmzcom

he runs a big cat sanctuary that khloe kardashian visits!

tmz039s most awkward celebrity encounters celebrity videos tmzcom

sometimes our photographers are graceful, thoughtful and eloquent, and other times ... not so much.

tmz039s top 10 celebrity rejections celebrity videos tmzcom

being famous opens a lot of doors, but it doesn't open all of them.

best celebrity surveillance tapes celebrity videos tmzcom

sometimes stars end up on camera even when they think no one is watching.

tmz039s celebrity pet shop celebrity videos tmzcom

dogs and cats are nice and all ... but some celebs in hollywood like their pets to be a little more exotic. pigeons, swans and tigers ... oh my!

leo dicaprio gathers the worlds hottest people celebrity videos tmzcom

every super rich and hot celebrity went to leo’s fundraiser in san tropez.