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LiveLeakcom Just another day driving home in Bruce County

Fun driving conditions.

LiveLeakcom Driving Like a Bat Out of Hell

Nice driving....

Cheeky McDonald039s Drive Through

Hilarious guy taking our order at the drive thru

Calling Out People Who Text And Drive Video eBaum039s World

Put your damn phone down and drive or get the hell off the road!

LiveLeakcom 30tonne Dumper Truck Police Chase

The footage has been released after a man from Brandon was sentenced after admitting dangerous driving and driving whilst unfit through drugs.

Texting amp Driving Nearly Killed These Teens Video

This video shows teen drivers in accidents because they were on their phones instead of driving. A good video to show anyone who is learning how to dr...

Benzino Got Busted For Failure To Buckle Up and Also Driving on a Suspended Lic

It’s hard to go under the radar when you’re basically driving a giant mirror.

LiveLeakcom This Father Knows The Price of Driving Drunk

Hundreds of thousands of people are sharing a Central Arkansas father's warning about the dangers of driving under the influence. Six-year-ol.....

LiveLeakcom Old Lady Drives 900 hp Evo

Mom of a friend drives his 900hp Evo.

LiveLeakcom Selfie while driving

Spanish Police is looking for this guys, who's is filming himself while driving a car, but not like you would expect.