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F16 Dead Stick Landing

The pilot of an F-16 brings it back safely following a complete power loss.

LiveLeakcom F16 Insane Low Pass Flyby

Turkish Air Force F-16 Demo Team SOLOTURK. Pilot : Maj.Murat Keles or Capt. S.Yalın Ahbab

F16 FPV Helmet Cam From HELL

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(liveleak) Some dude stuck a NTFS camera into his remote-controlled F-16. this is the result.

LiveLeakcom F16 Helmet Cam From HELL

Some dude stuck a Go-Pro camera into his remote-controlled F-16. this is the result. Lucky Bastard.

iraq receives first f16 fighters video reuterscom

the u.s. has delivered four f-16 aircraft to the iraqi air force to aid iraq in the fight against islamic state. sean carberry reports.

Richard Quest in an F16 Feel the G

Richard joins the Air Force's 'Thunderbirds' F-16 acrobatic squadron and takes the trip of a lifetime......faster than the speed of sou...

LiveLeakcom RDAF F16 Gun Runs and Bomb Drops

F-16 Fighting Falcon practicing air strikes with 20mm cannon, 500 and 2,000-pound bombs in Oksboel shoot terrain. Courtesy of Kongelige Danske Fl...

F16 vs Bird

F16 trainer stridkes bird and loses.

LiveLeakcom F16D Backseat Ride Along Cockpit Video

Cockpit video from the backseat of an F-16D, a two seat version of the F-16 fighter jet. Film Credits: TSgt Matt Hecht

F16 bird strike and eject

F16 bird strike and eject