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Response to rasist white bitches total FAIL

So I was trying to make a video to respond to those immature girls that uploaded that video get a life ! But it turned Into a total fail ! Must watch!

Running fail

Marine Corps Gun Fail

The Few. The Proud. The slip ups. All you have to do to win awesome prizes is be a subscriber and email your username to YOUTUBE@BREAK.COM Sorry to o...

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Russian Athlete Fail Video

What type of fail do you think it will be?

LiveLeakcom When all else fails

Fail Fail again

Back Flip Fail And Muddy Face Plant Video

This guy fail

Drunk Gril Trying To Dunk Chair Fail

This fail before it started.

Fail How Not To Use A Power Hammer Drill

New Unsure of how to use power hammer drill

How To Take Up Girls

Should have titled "How To Fall! In Love With A Girl"

Fat Guy Skateboarding Faceplant

he only wanted to see what is a faceplant

BMX Drop In Fail Video

A good attempt and hilarious fail.