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What I woke up to

I was asleep at the emergency exit and was woken to this. He had to cover his ears he was shouting so loud. Just to be clear, I've seen plenty o...

Boy Puts Sleeper Hold On Girl Bullying Him On The Bus

I felt bad for this kid. He just wanted to go home. It made me happy when he fought back though!

This is the End Franco039s Confession

This video is property of Sony Movies, Videos & Shows. Franco admits that he fucked L.Lohan as she thought that he was The Prince of Persia.

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Pat O039Brien Addiction Almost Killed Me

He drank 14 bottles of wine in one night. That was the moment the broadcaster realized he needed help.

Driver Almost Makes It Through A Redlight Video

He pulled up too far and got caught in the middle, and just when he thinks it's clear to go...

Robbery Left Cop With A Bullet To The Eye After He Was Showing Restraint

Luckily he may lost one of his eyes but not his life.

Guy Makes Cereal While Sleep Walking

Yet he claim that he doesn't know where all the milk gone.

LiveLeakcom Unbelievable what was he thinking

what an idiot that's probably how he ended up in a wheelchair, being stupid!