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Huge Lacrosse Hit Goalie gets Leveled and Line Brawl Breaks Out

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#5 Cody Garrison runs goaltender Shaun Couzelis, followed by a line brawl. Junior B - Box Lacrosse WCJLL June 14th, 2015 - New West Salmonbellies @ ...

That Ron Burgundy Moment

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Share on facebook: The director of the show slipped an extra line in the prompter and before the weather guy re...

LiveLeakcom Dead Ukrop Removed from High Voltage Lines

TRANSLATION ..... removing a body from power lines after it was blown 10+ meters into the air from explosions ! Amazing that the damn thing is st.....

LiveLeakcom Ouch That hurts

With a line tied to the top of the mast of a catamaran its possible to go really high even in 10 kts of wind. Whilst looping the kite at about 20 mete...

Video Beats And Bullies Documentary Blue Line Kennels Submitted

Eddie of Blue line Kennel

Drunk Guy Can039t Stand In Line Video

Dude wasted while waiting in line at the airport falls over face first.

Flat Line to Finish Line

Just because you have heart disease, doesn't mean you can't be an Ironman.

Woman Get Tasered For Cutting In Line At McDonalds Video

Police shot a mother with a Taser gun after she cut into the drive-thru line at McDonald

Eposeidon Braid Fishing Line How braided fishing line039s made

Ever wonder how braided fishing line is made? Eposeidon takes you into our KastKing Braided Fishing Line factory to have a quick look. Get more detail...