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Angry Man Stuck in Snow

I heard a man cursing loudly outside my window, so I peeked. Then I grabbed my phone quickly because his 4 wheel drive was spinning crazy. Then my kid...

Man Comforts His Dying Dog 2012

Really sad video of a man helping to ease the pain of his beloved best friend.

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SELFLESS Official Trailer In Theaters Summer 2015

collected by 2 users

In this provocative psychological science fiction thriller, an extremely wealthy man (Academy Award® Winner Ben Kingsley) dying from cancer undergoes...

LiveLeakcom Splitsecond moment man has phone snatched out of his hand by

The 41-year-old victim was walking along the pavement and using his mobile when it was torn from his hands in a millisecond by a passing cyclist – w...

Video MUST SEE Crazy Man Laughs While Giant Albino Python Bites Him ILPvideo

this man keeps doing his thing although he's in a room full of snakes

Video Man Wrecks Ferrari Before Bank Collectors Come For It ILPvideocom

check out what this man does to deal with his emotions

LiveLeakcom Man in metro dies from heart attack and full aftermath

CCTV reveals the moments people and medic trying to save the 75yo man who died at the hospital.

LiveLeakcom Actors Presentation Almost Ends in Tragedy

One particular Brazilian cop has a very keen eye for picking up on criminal activity, as a man is seen running a short distance and falling to his kne...

LiveLeakcom motorcycle crash leaves man in weird position

a man riding his 50cc mopped wasnt paying enough attention and crashed right behind a big truck loaded with beer, the victim didnt had serious injurie...

Man gives his friend what

A man in Oregon gave his wife's co-worker the best possible gift on the eve of the New Year. KPTV has the story.

Video How Does A Homeless Man Spend 100 ILPvideocom

check out a real genuine man (rare)

LiveLeakcom Shooter Opens Fire Misses Everyone

A man who became enraged at a group of students opened fire at close range, somehow missing everyone. Following a street argument that escalated, t.....