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GCUS Office Space

We had a printer break at my office, someone remembered we had a baseball bat, and we just so happened to have a production department handy. This was...

LiveLeakcom Officer framing citizen on camera

Dealing with an officer like this would definitely make your blood boil.

Officer Gets Run over by DUI suspect Dashcam

Incident at the foot of the Pensacola Bay Bridge. The driver of the vehicle is currently behind bars in Escambia County after she sped off, dragging t...

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LiveLeakcom South Carolina Officer Is Charged With Murder in Black Mans De

*Video taken by anonymous bystander. Released by victim's lawyer.* The shooting unfolded after Officer Slager stopped a Mercedes-Benz with a b.....

LiveLeakcom Cop does not like being called out for parking in a handicap spot

I feel somewhat conflicted about this. Just wondering why there are five cups in his tray. 'So you get to park wherever you want ?' the .....

LiveLeakcom Homeless Man Killed by Police

Two officers pull one person away. The other officers, who are farther from the camera, surround a man. “Drop the gun,” officers shout several .....

Shots fired at LAPD officers

Two police officers were shot at while on patrol in Los Angeles, but no one was injured. CNN's Sara Sidner reports.

NY community mourns slain officers

Residents and public officials pay their respects to two murdered NYPD officers with a memorial at the crime scene.

Two NYPD officers killed in ambush

The gunman approached and took a shooting stance, witnesses told police. He opened fire, striking both officers.

Officer helps woman in his free time

A 73-year-old widow who just went through knee and back surgeries needed help, and found it in a local police officer.

Officer Wilson039s side of the story

Officer Darren Wilson's full testimony to the grand jury was released to the public, revealing his account of the events.

LiveLeakcom Philly cop threatens to beat the sht out of teen for looki

In a video uploaded to Facebook earlier this month by Damaris Abercrombie, an officer is seen walking beside a group of teens. “Hey, big man,.....

2 officers die in 039oneman crime spree039

Two California police officers were killed in a shooting rampage that started outside a Sacramento motel.