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Fort Collins Police Dept in Colorado arrest man for being assaulted by an offic

Cop pushes man trying to talk to him and the cops buddy arrests the man for it.

Police Chase: Suspect tricks police by taking off coat and walking away 1002

October 2nd 2013 - Los Angeles, California. A man fleeing is able to evade police for enough time to run in to a house (20:20), take off his coat, an...

Stop Resisting : Cops Taser Grampa

Police Brutality Cops Taser Grampa In Own Home

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LiveLeakcom Dashcam Shows Police Crash Into Each Other During Chase

**Volume Alert** Seattle, WA - While pursuing a carjacking suspect, on police cruiser collided with another.

Suspect identified in Ohio State attack Reuterscom

Authorities say university student Abdul Razak Ali Artan drove a car into pedestrians before stabbing others nearby. A campus police officer confronte...

LiveLeakcom Idaho Policeman Catches Guy in Trunk

A 22-year-old fugitive was taken into custody after he attempted to ambush a Lewiston Police. Idaho police officer Thomas Woods stopped a car with.....

Police announce arrest in officer039s killing

San Antonio police say that they have arrested the man who shot and killed one of their officers. CNN's Dan Simon reports.

Texas police shooting suspect 039extremely dangerous039 Reuterscom

Police say the gunman who shot and killed a San Antonio police detective sitting in a squad car should be considered

Police shot in Texas and Missouri Reuterscom

One U.S. police officer's been killed and another seriously wounded in separate attacks while sitting in their patrol cars. Paul Chapman reports.

A single dart helping to stop police chases

Austin Police are hoping to use more of the devices

LiveLeakcom Cop: quotIf I can get away with it I woulda put a bullet in

Certainly not an appropriate comment from a police officer, carrying a loaded gun .... Weiser, ID - Weiser Police is investigating a video that was.....

Bridging the divide

Stories across the country of communities and police clashing are becoming more common. The Atlanta Police Department launched a new program that may ...

LiveLeakcom Aftermath Video of Texas Halloween Party Shooting

Call the Police! ROFL! They are normally saying ?uck the Police!