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LiveLeakcom Russian guy explains why there are so many dashcams in Russia

Good to know because liveleak have so many russian videos :)

LiveLeakcom Russian Tampon Commercial

Your puny western ads don't work on russian women.

Russian jet shoots Georgian drone Reuters

Russian MiG-29 shoots Georgian UAV UN Mission Report:

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Crazy Russian Daredevils Compilation Video

Russian kids doing their usual thing, climbing onto buildings, towers, and bridges with absolute disregard to their own life.

Inside the Russian mind

To truly understand the complex relationship between Ukraine and Russia, CNN spoke to experts in Russian culture.

Gateway to the Russian invasion

CNN's Anna Coren travels to Kerch where Russian troops are moving in.

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Details (in Russian): Google Translate version of the article in Russi....

Russian Ukrainian troops dig in

CNN's Anna Coren and her crew have a tense encounter with Russian forces on a highway linking the Ukraine with Crimea.

Report 2 dead in school shooting

Russian authorities say a gunman has been '"neutralized" and the school children are safe. CNN's Phil Black reports.

Video Russian Twerk This Russian Girl Got Some Moves

Submitted by Basedgodyeezus Posted By Persist

Russian spy ring busted in US

The Justice Department says several Russian diplomats and spouses accused of Medicaid fraud are also suspected of spying.

Russian Motorcycles Are Not So Strong After All

Russian always take their stunt to the next level.

Russian Driver Calmly Crashes Into River Video

In true Russian fashion, the car becomes the boat.