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LiveLeakcom Russian guy explains why there are so many dashcams in Russia

Good to know because liveleak have so many russian videos :)

LiveLeakcom Russian Tampon Commercial

Your puny western ads don't work on russian women.

Russian Hangover

Russian Hangover (Похмелье по русски) That's what happens when you drink vodka a week in a row!

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LiveLeakcom NEW 6 Russian Airstrikes LatakiaRaqqahIdlibAleppo

1. In the sky of Syria, the number of coalition UAVs has increased by 3 times. 2. Airstrike on an automobile column transporting oil products (Alep.....

Russians mourn for 039colossal tragedy039 Reuterscom

Russians mourned for plane crash victims at a memorial service in a St. Petersburg cathedral on Sunday with a bell tolling 224 times. Nathan Frandino ...

Russian airstrikes target Syrian rebel stronghold

CNN's Barbara Starr reports Russian warplanes hit targets near Homs, Syria, a strong hold for anti-regime militias fighting the al-Assad governme...

Russian bombers: 039Good morning American pilots039

Two Russian bombers flew within about 40 miles of California's coast on July 4, according to the North American Aerospace Defense Command. CNN�...

The time America used this pin to rile the Russians

When Madeleine Albright found out that the Russians had bugged the State Department, she got back at them as only she could. Watch the full interview ...

LiveLeakcom Russian TU 95 bomber followed by NATO planes

Two RAF Typhoon fighters were scrambled on Wednesday evening to escort Russian long range bombers flying off Cornwall, the Ministry of Defence h.....

Finlands shopping tourism hit as Russians stay at home Video Reuterscom

For years, the Finnish town of Lappeenranta flourished on a stream of Russians coming to shop. But with the ruble falling, the tourist retail trade is...

Investors caught up in Russian crisis

The CFO of the Moscow Stock Exchange says he sees an appetite to trade and invest in Russian companies.

War of words over Russian policy

Christiane Amanpour speaks with Former Russian P.M. Mikhail Kasyanov and RT Host Anissa Naouai.

LiveLeakcom How shelling of Ukraine by Russian Grad missiles looks like

The vid was uploaded by one Russian soldier on social network