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Kid Ink quotFull Speed Europe Tourquot Vlog: Episode 1 New Video

Full Speed in stores now: by Jay

LiveLeakcom So you think you can text and drive

From the OP: I record my daily commute with a gopro stuck on the windshield. My car was on cruise control most of the time so my speed was pretty muc...

LiveLeakcom Freak bike accident

Hello... This is my first upload. In this video, a speed trap camera was spotted at the over head bridge along a highway where it's legal speed l...

Guy Destroys the Clutch on his Ford Mustang CollegeHumor Video

He's got a NEED for SPEED. Literally, any speed at all. Watch

Canadian speed skater Hamelin takes gold

CNN's Amanda Davies reports on the women's alpine events and speed skating at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

LiveLeakcom Something Was Bound to Happen at That Speed

Another idiot on the road .... what the hell motivates people to speed like this

LiveLeakcom Speed Kills Your Pocketbook

Does speed really kill? Sometimes, yes, but when the speed limits are set artificially low, and enforcement is targeted to those areas where the .....

LiveLeakcom Longboard Skaters Spooking the Speed Camera

Bet the cops wondered how to book the speeding offenders when they process the images .... should make a great 'wanted poster' ..... these k...

LiveLeakcom Hawthorne PD Gets OWNED

Holding up a 'SPEED TRAP' sign about four blocks ahead of a speed trap. 'Am I being detained - Am I free to go?' Magic words!