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German politician: US now source of insecurity

German Parliament Member and Merkel Ally Norbert Roettgen speaks with Fred Pleitgen about Donald Trump's election and Angela Merkel's politi...

German police hunting for possible terror suspect

CNN's Isa Soares reports on the 22-year-old Syrian man suspected of planning a bomb attack on German soil.

German breeders and trainers the next generation

German trainer Uwe Stech and German breeder Heike Bischoff reveal how they survived living in the former East Germany.

LiveLeakcom Thug life on german highway

When you need that extra portion of juice for your city car, german efficiency never disappoints!

US Army base in Germany reaching out to all personnel

An attacker injured at least 25 people at a German cinema according to German public TV.

Hello Is it me you039re looking for German busker covers Lionel Ritchie

This isn't my video - I just couldn't find it on youtube (there is probably a version with a German description somewhere) so i swiped it fr...

LiveLeakcom WW2 German Army Pictures

Today's episode shows the German perspective. Sure, 8 mins, but worth it.

LiveLeakcom German Navy Releases Video of Somali Pirates Hijacking German Ves

The footage released yesterday was taken from a German Maritime Reconnaissance and Patrol Aircraft (MRPA) Orion P-3C, call sign Jester, and allowed ...

First German elected IOC president

German fencing gold medalist Thomas Bach is now head of the International Olympic Committee. Diana Magnay reports.

LiveLeakcom Isle Of Man German Style

Just found this in a german forum... However, wouldn't do that in Russia.